You’ve seen the hype, but seeing isn’t experiencing. The Graphix-Lab delivers the highest quality color wraps, setting you apart from the regular-rides and taking your ride to the next level with thousands of color options to choose from. The Graphix-Lab brings you only the highest quality matte, gloss, chrome, carbon-fiber and brushed finishes from only the top industry leading brands. Step up your drive-game and ride the wrap you deserve.


Get next-level with Graphix-Labs custom wraps. Graphix-Labs custom wraps turn up  your rides color volume, with thousands of wrap designs available and the ability to replicate almost any design or decal. Our professionals can help you find the perfect fit and give you a quality wrap that truly sets your ride apart. From business class wraps that promote your brand, to wraps that truly let you drive art fit for a showroom floor, there’s no wrap this lab can’t handle. Get wrapped.


Paint protection, commonly referred to as ‘clear-bra’, is a clear urethane film installed over the painted portions of your vehicle. Guard and protect your vehicles paint from various common paint hazards such as rock chips and weather. We often take for granted how exposed our vehicle is regularly exposed to these common everyday hazards until it the damage has already been done.  The Graphix-Lab delivers the highest quality clear-bra products, providing superior paint protection your vehicle deserves. 


Wanna have your vehicle stand out without losing the paint job? Graphix-Lab can have your vehicle turn heads in no time with decals and striping. Decals and striping can easily accent your vehicle while preserving your vehicles paint, giving it a unique look to accommodate your ride.


Window tinting is an excellent way of providing yourself with privacy while keeping the interior of your vehicle UV protected. Window tinting can keep your vehicle cooler, reduce glare and keep you and your passengers comfortable while looking good doing it. Graphix-Lab handles our tints with pride, and makes sure your vehicles window tints are done right the first time.


Time to tint your lights? The Graphix-Lab can provide all the lights on your vehicle with a new look, while keeping them clean and bright. The Graphix-Lab offers tints for headlights, tail-lights and fog-lights. 


Wanna cool your chrome? No problem. The Graphix-Lab can mute-out any chrome surface while keeping it protected, offering a sleek and modern finish that lasts. Chrome deletes provide a clean and modern look without breaking your wallet.